We will always seek to create a new value
as a representative conductor of the industry.


As of today, we have become 40 branches nationwide mechatronics specialized trading company through half a centry since foundation in 1946.

During this time, we have contributed to the development of the industry by selecting needs and seeds of various fields, selecting and or combining required technology to propose systematization.
So we have fullfilled the role of a conductor in the industry by harmonizing various technologies in a well-balanced manner to creat beatiful harmonies.

We will continue to be the representative conductor of the industry by developing, supplying, and promoting the various system proposals of new technology and new products in accordance with the times utilizing our accumulated information and know-hows.

In addition, we will pursure social service through these businesses and will do our best to protect the environment for us humans and this planet earth.
We Daido will continue to be a promising company through the future.

President/CEO Sadao Yamada

Company Profile

Daido conducts cooperate activities as a DKS Group based on the 3 philosophies of “DEVELOPMENT”,“KINDNESS” and “SERVICE”

Cooperate Philosophies

Daido Co., Ltd.

Head Office 4-12-19,Meiekiminami,Nakamura-ku,Nagoya
Tel +81-52-533-6705
Fax +81-52-533-6727
Establishment Dec. 1952
Capital 777million YEN
Total Assets 60 billion YEN
Branch 40 branch
Partner Customer 6,000 companies,
Supplier 3,000 companies
Main Bank Resona Bank, MUFG Bank
Sadao Yamada
Managing Director
Shingo Tanaka
Mitsuyoshi Ando
Takashi Miyaguchi
Masahiro Egami
Shoji Mitsuya
Kazuhisa Inoue
Hiroya Higuchi
Masaki Koike
Executive Director
Hiroko Yamada
Executive Director
Norihiko Kume
Executive Director
Junichi Ono
Executive Director
Makoto Minoura
Executive Director
Yoshiyuki Shimura
Executive Director
Yasuyuki Koketsu
Executive Director
Toshitaka Harada
Executive Director
Keijiro Sonoda
Executive Director
Katsutoshi Okura
Executive Director
Yoshifumi Matsuno
Executive Director
Satoshi Inukai
Seiji Tanaka
Katunori Kokubo
nagoya office map

Japan Fence Co., Ltd.

Head office 7-330-2, Karasumori-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya
Tel +81-52-526-1170
Fax +81-52-526-1171
Establishment Sep. 2007
Capital 50 million YEN
Main Bank Resona Bank
Officer President Shingo Tanaka
Auditor Sadao Yamada

Toko Denki Shokai Co., Ltd.

Head office 1051-1,Ebigase,Higashi-ku, Niigata
Tel +81-25-271-1561
Fax +81-25-272-0033
Establishment Nov. 1977
Capital 40 million YEN
Main Bank Daishi Hokuetsu Bank, Ltd
Officer President Makoto Minoura

DKS Estate Co., Ltd.

Head Office 4-8-17,Meiekiminami,Nakamura-ku,Nagoya.
Tel +81-52-562-5765
Fax +81-52-562-5767
Establishment Sep. 1980
Capital 13 Million YEN
Main Bank Resona Bank, MUFG Bank
Officer President Sadao Yamada
Director Hiroko Yamada
Director Makiyo Tanaka
Director Shingo Tanaka
Auditor Hideo Honda

Daido(Thailand) Co., Ltd

Head office 99/6-7 Moo7, T.Donhualo,
A. Muang, Chonburi 20000 Thailand
Tel +66(0)38 454249-50
Fax +66(0)38 454248
Establishment Sep. 2013
Capital 110 Million BAHT
Officer Managing Director
Tetsuji Katayama

Daido(Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Head office 111,31#Shuangliu Rd, Changning District, Shanghai, China.
Tel +86-21-6229-9077
Fax +86-21-6229-9078
Establishment Mar. 2011
Capital 2 Million USD
Officer President Shingo Tanaka
General Manager Katsutoshi Okura
Branch Wuxi, Shenzhen, Dalian, Suzhou, Tianjin


Tel +1-630-749-2797
Establishment APR, 2021
Capital 2 Millinon USD
Officer President Hideto Hasegawa
Director Shingo Tanaka

Hamanishi denki Co., Ltd.

Head Office 2-6-9, Higashimorioka,
Toyohashi-shi, Aichi
Tel +81-532-87-1077
FAX +81-532-87-1033
Establishment May. 1997
Capital 3 million YEN
Officer President Shingo Tanaka

Miyauchi Co., Ltd.

Head Office 2-4 Yomejima-cho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture
Tel +81-852-26-3939
FAX +81-852-26-3530
Establishment Jan. 1949
Capital 10 million YEN
Main Bank Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Officer President Atsushi Miyauchi
Managing Director Takayuki Miyaji
Director Hiroya Higuchi
Auditor Mitsuyoshi Ando

Business Fields

Our History

1946 Inception of Daido Shokai Co., By Kyokichi Yamada
1952 Foundation of Daido Shokai Co., Ltd.
1962 Establishment of ORT pillow blocks marketer
1963 Commencement of manufacturing and sales of DKS chain wheel
1968 Establishment of Osaka branch
1970 Commencement of manufacturing and sales of DKS air cylinder
1971 Commencement of manufacturing and sales of Magma Geared Motor
1972 Establishment our head office and warehouse; Daido Shokai Co., Ltd.
1974 Establishment of Komaki sales office and Shizuoka sales office
Foundation of Fukuoka Dendoki Co., Ltd.
1975 Foundation of Sapporo Dendoki Co., Ltd.
1977 Foundation of Nagoya Automation Center Co., Ltd.
Establishment of Osaka warehouse
1978 Establishment of Suwa sales office and Numazu sales office
1980 Establishment of Gifu sales office
Foundation of DKS Estate Co., Ltd.
Commencement of manufacturing and sales of Mecha-Shafts
1981 Foundation of Mikawa Daido Co., Ltd.
Establishment of Hiroshima sales office and Shikoku sales office
1982 Establishment of Hamamatsu sales office and Kanazawa sales office
1983 Foundation of THK Chubu Sales Co., Ltd.
Establishment of Kyoto sales office
1984 Establishment of Toyohashi sales office
1985 Foundation of Mechatro Japan Co., Ltd.
Establishment of Fukuyama sales office
1987 Establishment of Tokyo branch, Tokyo warehouse, Ueda sales office, Tohoku sales office
Foundation of Fuji Parking Co., Ltd.
1988 Establishment of Ohmiya sales office and Sakai plaza
1989 Establishment of Atsugi sales office and Okayama sales office
1990 Establishment of Hirakata sales office, Kita-Kanto sales office and FA plaza
1991 Foundation of Tokyo Semicon Co., Ltd.
Establishment of Nara plaza and Koriyama plaza
1992 Establishment of Kawasaki sales office
1994 Establishment of Hachio-ji sales office,Niigata sales dffice and Shiga sales office
1995 Establishment of Fukuoka transmission machine Kumamoto sales office
1997 Mikawa Daido Co., Ltd, Nagoya Automation Center Co., Ltd, Mechatro Japan Co., Ltd.
Sapporo Dendoki Co., Ltd, Fukuoka Dendoki Co., Ltd were merged with Daido Shokai Co., Ltd.
1998 The head office was moved
2000 Nara and Hirakata sales offices were merged
Establishment of Higashi-Osaka sales office
2001 “Daido Shokai Co., Ltd” was renamed to “Daido Co., Ltd.”
2002 Establishment of Yokohama, Kawagoe and, Utsunomiya sales office
2007 Establishment of Kakamigahara sales office
Foundation of Japan Fence Co., Ltd.
2008 Establishment of Mito sales office and Tahara Plaza
2009 Establishment of Ikeda Plaza
2010 Tokyo branch office was relocated.
Establishment of Tokyo second warehouse
Acquirement of ISO 14001 certificate
2011 Foundation of Daido(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2013 Joined the Japan Business Federation
Foundation of Daido(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2016 Establishment of Daido Robot Exhibition Hall
Opened of Nagoya Robot Exhibition Hall
2018 Opened of Tokyo Robot Exhibition Hall
2019 Opened of Fukuoka Robot Experimental Factory
2020 Toko Denki Shokai Co., Ltd. becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary
2021 Establishment Daido(USA)Co., Ltd.
Opened of Automatic Factory
2022 Hamanishi denki Co., Ltd. becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary
Establishment of Gifu office

Operating Results



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