Daido is nationwide proposal-type of technology group very well versed in the industry.

Daido is not just a company for suppling business, but is a specialized company also for proposal-type of technology group, that can solve problems and difficulties at the customers production site together, using the know-hows we earned throu development to various industries.


Daido's Advantage

We correspond to customers indivisual needs
with our own accumulated know-hows.
We can propose original production line
from structure designing.

Making full use of our engineering teams accumulated know-hows, we will propose an original production line that meets the needs of our costomers from structure designing using 3D designs and etc.
Using the advantage of us as general trading company, we manufacture, wire, assemble, and adjust the precision machinery parts together with coopearting maker's engineer exsperts.

Daido's Advantage

To deliver our high quality service

Daido proposes the best system for our users by constructing "System cooperative meeting" with over 250 cooperating companies and robot system integrators nationwide.
Moreover, we hold safety and health assemblage three times a year to guide, manage, and supervise the constructin work safety and health compliance.

Flow to introduction

We will support introduction,
providing our know-hows,
through testing and veryfications.



  1. We will confirm application, worksize quality, accuracy, speed, etc. based on the specification sheet. If information of drawing record or similar installation can be obtained in advance, cost reduction maybe possible.
  2. We are able to make proposal for new projects, based on our actual installation records. For customers who do not have specification sheets, our engineering sales staff can conduct an on-site interview survey.
  3. For requesting customers, we are able to undertake from preparation of specification sheet. we participate in many trial projects. We have many achievements in proposals for factory automation and impovements by conducting factory diagnosis at the manufacturing site.


We will thoroughly carry out a preparatory survey and select the best manufacturer.


Conceptual design may be designed by our engineer or by our partner maker's engineer.


We will start on creating detailed drawings once after receiving order sheet.

Our design

  • Price and delivery date confirmation
  • Structure presentation by the 3D design simulator
  • Robot test inspection at our Robot Exhibition Hall

Partner maker design

  • Structure presentation by the partner makers
  • Test Inspection by the partner makers


We will announce the schedule after receiving reconfirmation of the delivery date.

Design review

Our design

Our engineer will prepare design reveiw using 3D CAD.
We will also introduce the most suitable functional parts for purchased products, considering low costs and high performance for each use.

Partner maker's design

Partner maker will prepare the design review.


After confirmation of the design review, we will get ready for detailed drawing.

Order arrangement

We procure taking advantage of our various partner suppliers. We can introduce processing maker as well.

Parts gathering

Production Management devision will create an operational flow chart and will carry out progress management.

Order arrangement

Professional finisher from our system division will conduct the assembly.


We will create a process chart and will run progress management. We will hold tests with the machines confirming the specifications mutually.


  • Our qualified personnel will manage assembly and installation
  • Our engineer and partner maker will support start up at the customer's site.
  • We also will provide technical support for robot teaching, visual adjustment, and tracking adjustments at the time of installation.


If you have any concerns about production line, FA parts and robots,
Please contact us.